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The front door looks awesome!!!! Thanks for the great in-put — guess you do know what your doing, Jeremy :) (ha). All of you have been a great group to work with. You've been blessed with such a wonderful gift. And we were blessed with such a loyal & dedicated group of guys of having the pleasure to work with. May the Lord continue to bless each of you.

      Have a great day, Margaret Flores

To any new home buyer,

A local radio home improvement talk show host said on his show one Sunday that “by the time you finish building your home; you will love the home and hate your builder”. He even went as far as to say that it wasn’t the builder’s job to be your friend but to build the home that you wanted.

Well, we are here to say that a really fine builder can do both. Evermon Homes built our lovely home in the Estates of Clear Creek. Having never dealt directly with a builder before, the whole building process was new to us. Jeremy recognized this and made sure that the whole process was a very good experience for us. The quality of our home is “top shelf”! Jeremy’s attention to detail and commitment to quality is first rate. On more than one occasion, Jeremy went beyond “the call of duty” to insure that we understood all the details and had all the facts so that we could make informed choices as we went through the building process.

It is our hope that this home will be our retirement home but if we ever decide to build again, Evermon Homes will build that home as well!

      Best Wishes for Continued Success, Cheri and Taylor Norris

Evermon Homes delivered our family's vision for country living — a solid home with unique styling built in conjunction with the natural features of our property — on schedule and within budget. Evermon Homes staff combined effective communication, technical know-how, and integrity to smoothly guide us through the decision-making and construction process.

      Wade & Stacey Schoppa

We were extremely pleased with Evermon Homes. Jeremy is an honest, ethical hard worker whose main concern is that the homeowner gets the custom house he desires while still staying within budget. We highly recommend him to anyone wanting to build a custom home.

      Nikki Mondshine

Jeremy, Tony, Matt & Todd,

It’s hard to believe we’ve been in our house almost 6 months. We absolutely love it! I can’t thank you enough for all your hard work during the building process. During the planning/design phase, your knowledge and creativity were invaluable in designing a house that fit our family, our lifestyle, and my picture of the perfect house. Key words to remember – “symmetrical”, “centered”, and “old-looking house”. I remember a lot of laughs (mostly because I was delirious) and a few tears (again delirious), but it was worth it because we were able to incorporate so many custom features that make our house so functional for us. (i.e. the utility room, mudroom, walk-thru pantry, small office and many more).

There were unusual circumstances with the location of our lot that required a lot of research, special permits, and leg-work that was out-of-the-norm. Not to mention keeping good relations with the neighbors. :) All of this took time. Thank you.

During the construction process, you made sure things were done right and if they weren’t, they were fixed. Thank you for always being available to answer our questions and your great attention to detail. It truly makes our house a custom home! Most of all thank you for your honesty and honoring God in all that you do. I believe it sets you apart from most builders.

I always tell people building a house is a lot like childbirth. There are times that are fun and exciting, times when it seems like nothing is happening and times when you ask yourself “WHAT WAS I THINKING?!!” At some point you promise yourself if you just make it through, you’ll never do it again. But when it’s over, you have something beautiful that you helped create. With time, the bad memories fade away until you hear yourself saying, “Next time I’m going to……..” (Don’t worry! I’m not there yet!).

      Leigh Rhyne

I have to add another thank you for your unbelievable patience with me. I know there were countless times when you wanted to strangle me for my inability to make a decision (otherwise know as “paralysis by analysis”). I know I made it 10 times harder than it should have been.


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